About Us

Stiltec Global Pty Ltd is a wholly owned Australian private company committed to producing innovative and effective products that specialise in Eye Health.   Macutec plus Omega3 for Macular Health was launched in Australia in 2009, followed by Macutec Essentials in 2013 based on the results of a major clinical study.  Our innovative product for Dry Eyes – Lacritec, was launched in 2011.

Our products bring a pharmaceutical standard of quality, scientifically supported by strong clinical evidence and made available affordably and conveniently in New Zealand. All of our products are made in Australia from only the highest quality raw materials.

Our philosophy is driven by our desire to make quality products available at the best possible price.
We don’t spend millions on TV advertising – which is then reflected in higher prices. As a private company our aim is deliver great Eye Health outcomes for our patients and not to increase profit results for the share market.

Stiltec Global – products that you can trust.

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